To The End of the Solar System
ISBN 9781894959681

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To The End of the Solar System
by James Dewar

This is the comprehensive history of the nuclear rocket propulsion system that will enable robotic and human exploration of our solar system. During a two decade period, from the 1950s to the 1970s, the US governmentís Rover and NERVA program developed the system and ultimately succeded in demonstrating the propulsion capabilities required for deep space exploration missions. This history and its amazingly robust reference sources are invaluable in identifying the significant technological developments that will have to be resurrected to perform the deep space missions now being planned. This is the only comprehensive source for detailed data required to implement the thermal nuclear propulsion system that has been developed and proven to the point that it could be relied upon for actual mission use. This book is on the NASA Administratorís recommended reading list.

"Jargon-free and ideal for scientists and laypersons alike...a comprehensive history." News & Notes, NASA History Division Office of External Relations.

"This book is the ultimate source for anyone interested in the future of space exploration." Launch Magazine

"Pathbreaking text...a must read." Quest magazine

"...insightful, competent and opinionated." Universe Today

"This book provides us with the timely reminder that atomic energy can do more than light up our can provide a path to the stars."

"If you believe that your knowledge of America's space program is complete without reading this definitive reference, you are mistaken." National Space Society

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