Astronautics Bk 1
ISBN 9781-894959-63-6

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Astronautics Book 1
by Ted Spitzmiller

Book 1 - Dawn of the Space Age chronicles the initial discoveries, inventions, and engineering innovations that became the foundation of rocket technology. It follows the events that shaped the initial thrust into space as represented by the first Soviet Sputniks and the shocked response by the Americans. The engineering requirements of the first manned spacecraft ,Vostok and Mercury, and the selection and experiences of the first spacefarers are all related in detail.


“In the two volume set Astronautics Ted Spitzmiller has written the definitive books on the history of space exploration. Yet his style is so comfortable that it reads more like a story than a history. Space enthusiasts will learn things they never knew before. I did. As a NASA Astronaut - Space Shuttle Pilot and Commander- I lived the Shuttle program, still I found my understanding of the program changing as I read Ted's chapters on the subject. Not only will you learn new things, but the author places them in a context that helps you understand the issues as if you were there. For people who recall gathering around the old black and white TV to witness a Mercury launch, this book will answer all your questions about how we got there, what was happening while we waited for the countdown to resume, and where we are going in the future. Literally, to Mars or beyond? For readers who missed those early days, this book will help you understand mankind's great engineering and scientific achievements in the exploration of Space.
This is a book that will be read again and again.”

Sid Gutierrez
Pilot of the Columbia, STS-40, Commander of the Endeavour, STS-59

"Recommended for general readers." Choice Academic Library review

"Covers the evolution of rocketry in great detail."News & Notes, NASA History Division

232 pages b&w

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