Apollo 17 Volume 2 ISBN 978-1926592-02-2


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Apollo 17
The Nasa Mission Reports Volume 2
by Robert Godwin

This next volume in the acclaimed NASA Mission Reports Series is packed full of never before seen materials. This book include the NASA Mission Reports for Apollo 17 as well as the NASA press releases from 1972 relating to the flight. The DVD in the back contains an exclusive video interview with Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon. Apollo 17 was the first time that a scientist was a member of the crew. Geologist/Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt stepped onto the Lunar surface along with Commander Eugene Cernan on the edge of the Sea of Serenity. Apollo 17 was the longest of the Apollo missions, it was also the heaviest payload and the longest Lunar stay. The lunar rover carried to the moon allowed the astronauts to travel further from their landing point than they ever had before. Also as part of this mission the moon was photographed from orbit in unprecedented detail. All of these amazing accomplishments are covered in this book.


Bonus DVD includes:
An exclusive 90 minute interview with Apollo 17 Commander Eugene Cernan. Over 3600 images taken during the mission, all indexed numerically, "The Apollo 17 Mission 5-Day Report" (45 pages), "Apollo 17 30 Day Failure and Anomaly Listing" (41 pages), "Apollo 17 Voice Transcript Pertaining to the Geology" (365 pages), "Apollo/Saturn V Instrumentation Plan" (74 pages), "Apollo 17 Flight Mission Rules" (296 pages), "Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report" (679 pages), "Saturn V Flight Evaluation Report" (294 pages), plus exclusive video of the Apollo 17 crew training in Hawaii and at the Cape before the mission from private home movies and finally private footage shot of the night launch of Apollo 17.

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