Return To the Moon
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Return to The Moon
Edited by Rick N. Tumlinson
with Erin Medlicott

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    Featuring articles by Alan Binder (Manager – Lunar Prospector Mission), Andy Chaikin (Author – A Man on the Moon), Dr. Paul Spudis (Member of the President’s Commision), Frank White (Author – The Overview Effect), Courtney Stadd (Former White House staffer and NASA Deputy Administrator), Allen Steele (SF Author – Clark County Space), Dr. Pete Worden (Former Brigadier General, Air Force)

There is a war going on in US space policy that has been underway for many years, but became public with the 2004 announcement by President G. W. Bush that America is going to return to the Moon and go on to Mars. His speech caused a shockwave in the US space community and caused immediate controversy in a field that had been rocked by disasters, financial and bureaucratic scandals, and yet is witnessing the rise of a NewSpace industry in the form of private billionaire entrepreneurs such as MicroSoft’s Paul Allen, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and others who are building their own spaceships, hotels and industrial space firms. Many asked: "Why?" Others, recalling the cost and failures of other large government space initiatives asked: "How?"

Although both the public and private sectors are feeling a renewed excitement about going back to the Moon and on to Mars, the battle lines are drawn between the forces of the old school traditional NASA/aerospace community and those advocating an alternative “Frontier” approach to space. NASA has so far responded to their orders from the president with an expensive and bloated re-working of the old Apollo program, which critics such as controversial Editor Rick Tumlinson and many in this volume charge will result in yet another“flags and footprints” dead end unless dramatically changed. But there is still time and still hope that those advocating a new partnership that leads to the expanding human settlement of space can win. The differences are clear, and the winners will determine not just the future of America’s future in space, but the future of the human race.

This volume brings together some of the major top level players involved in creating this new push, and top experts from a wide variety of fields and points of view. From their different perspectives, and written in their different styles, they make the case for our return, point out different ways to do it, and explain just what to do when we get there. More than just a set of science essays, the book reaches into the core questions of why we go to places like the Moon, who will live and work there and why we should care. It is beautifully illustrated with over 30 colour images showing just what can happen on the Moon if the right choices are made. From telescopes to tourism, from pleasure domes to platinum mines, to building a new branch of humanity and saving the Earth, the case is made for our Return to the Moon - This Time to Stay!

Title: Author: Page:
The Next Age of Lunar Exploration by Andrew Chaikin 13
Marketplace of Competing Ideas Will Determine Alternate Futures by Courtney A. Stadd 17
The Moon: A New Destination in Space for America by Dr. Paul D. Spudis 23
Manned and Robotic Explorations of Space by Dr. Yoji Kondo 31
History and Frontiers—What Works. What Doesn’t. by Alex Gimarc 35
Returning to the Moon Will Transform NASA by Howard E. McCurdy 43
Making a Business Case for a Return to the Moon by Dr. Mike H. Ryan 53
The Extraterrestrial Enterprise by Philip K. Chapman, Sc.D. 63
Brave New World? by Robert Zimmerman 75
LunaMars – The Challenge by Robert D. Richards 85
Transporting A Legal System From The Earth To The Moon by Rosanna Sattler 93
The Space Settlement Initiative by Alan Wasser 105
Lunar Prospector: Lessons Learned by Alan Binder, PhD 113
A Real Return to the Moon by David Gump 121
The New Space Revolution and Return to the Moon by Charles Lurio, PhD 127
Access to Luna by John K. Strickland, Jr. 137
Lunar High-Risk Manufacture by Simon P. Worden 145
The Future of Lunar Tourism by Patrick Collins 151
Asteroidal Resources and the Cis-lunar Industrial Economy by Dennis Wingo 161
Astronomy from the Moon by Yoji Kondo 173
The Overview Effect from the Moon by Frank White 177
The Conscious Evolutionary Choice by Steven Wolfe 181
The Social and Spiritual Significance of Lunar Settlement by Edward Hudgins, Ph.D. 187
Moon Age Daydreams by Allen M. Steele 193

Review by John Kelly Florida Today:

"Return to the Moon." Featuring articles by respected space journalist and author Andrew Chaikin and lunar experts like Paul Spudis, this book outlines what the various authors deem "the right way" to make sure NASA succeeds in returning to the moon before the end of the next decade as outlined in the space agency's plan to use a lunar base as a stepping stone to human expeditions to Mars. The editor of the essays are Rick Tumlinson and Erin Mendicott, board members of the Space Frontier Foundation

"MUST-BUY FIVE STAR BOOK for the SPACE ADVOCATE" - Jack Kennedy Junior (Amazon Books Review)

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