Apollo Spacecraft
News Reference

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Apollo Spacecraft
- News Reference
2 Book Set w/DVD

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       The Ultra Rare and Coveted Apollo News Reference Manuals. These books have become legendary amongst the space collecting fraternity and have been known to sell at auction for as much as $6,000 for the pair. Now as a valued customer Apogee is proud to offer these beautiful replicas to add to your collection of Apogee Space Books.

       Each book comes with an accurate replica of the original 1960's cover and the pages are set out in the same sequence as the originals. Almost 500 pages of in depth detail about the Apollo spacecraft in the exact words of the contractors who built them.

Chapters include:

Crew Systems, Displays and Controls, Docking, Earth Landing, Electrical Power, Environmental Control, Launch Escape, Reaction Control, Service Propulsion, Stabilization & Control, Telecommunications, Guidance & Navigation, Space Suit, Automatic Checkout Equipment, Kennedy Space Center Operations, Training Equipment, Test & Reliability, Manufacturing, Launch Vehicles, Mission Description, Crew Personal Equipment, Propulsion, Electrical Power, Lighting, PLSS, LM Anatomy, Biographies and not least the exciting chapter on LM Derivatives. The what-ifs of the Apollo program.

Buy Now and get this special exclusive bonus DVD-video disc with the
following rare Apollo and LM films:

Grumman Lunar Module TM-1 1964 (See the fullsize LM in its early configuration)
Grumman LM Construction footage 1964 (Watch engineers actually building the LM)
Grumman Lunar Training Simulator 1964 (Watch test engineers fly this very primitive Lunar flight simulator)
Oregon EVA Space suit training films 1964 (See technicians struggle to cope with outrageously difficult terrain in full EVA gear)
LM Descent Engine high altitude test footage (Astounding footage of the hypergolic engine at full thrust in a vacuum chamber)
Underwater LM Ingress and Egress footage with Alan Bean and Rusty Schweickart (Watch Apollo astronauts contend with a full size LM ascent stage underwater)
Grumman Final Assembly footage 1968 (Grumman engineers assemble the machine that flew to the moon)

...And finally a digital slide-show replica of the super rare and desirable Grumman Lunar Module "peel-away" acetate showing over 100 different components of the LM in full color. A brilliant educational tool for showing how this most amazing spacecraft was assembled.

Buy now, both books and the DVD for only $60 plus shipping.

LM Book is 306 pages with DVD.
CSM is 146 pages.

Here are some Captured screenshots from the DVD featured with this collection:

LM construction LM descent engine glowing red hot
Alan Bean training to ingress the LM Grumman Flight Training Simulator
LM TM1 Mock-up. (1964) LM construction
Prototype Spacesuit test. (Oregon 1964) Peel-away movie which shows the LM's construction layers



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