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Apollo 9
The NASA Mission Reports

Apollo 9 The NASA Mission Reports comes with a bonus Windows CDROM featuring the movie "Three To Make Ready" plus the entire run of in-flight Hasselblad photographs.
On March 3rd 1969 Commander James McDivitt, Command Module Pilot David Scott and Lunar Module Pilot Russell Schweickart would be the first people to fly in a true spacecraft. Although the insect-like Lunar Module had flown once before this was to be the first manned test. This would be the first time that all of the Apollo hardware would be flown together and it would put one more piece in place towards the goal of reaching the moon before the end of the decade.
Fighting off pre-flight illnesses and a delayed launch the crew flew a perfect 10-day mission. Apollo 9 also provided the world's first dramatic look at astronauts spacewalking around the Command, Service and Lunar Module, and returned some of the most beautiful pictures ever taken of the LEM floating above the blue oceans of Planet Earth.
Apollo 9 The NASA Mission Reports finally puts in one place four of the most important documents from this auspicious flight, The Apollo 9 Press Kit, The Apollo 9 Preflight Mission Operation Report, The Apollo 9 Post Launch Mission Operation Report and The Apollo 9 Mission Operation Report Supplement.
These four documents graphically illustrate the technology required to build a true space vehicle, a machine that can only perform it's function in the harsh environment of space, and clearly illustrate the teamwork, dedication and professionalism of the flight crew and NASA support team.

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