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Apollo 10
The Nasa Mission Reports
by Robert Godwin

Apollo 10 - The NASA Mission Reports comes with a bonus Windows CDROM which includes two movies of the flight of Apollo 10 as well as over 1400 pictures taken during the mission.
On May 18th 1969 NASA launched the last in a series of daring test flights of the Apollo hardware. Apollo 10 would follow swiftly on the heels of the successful flight of Apollo 9. The goal was to send a second crew into deep space but this time with the fully equipped hardware that would be required for a lunar landing. Veteran astronauts Commander Tom Stafford and Lunar Module Pilot Gene Cernan were to fly tantalisingly close to the barren lunar surface — a mere eight nautical miles, while Command Module Pilot John Young would be required to conduct the first rendezvous in lunar orbit to ensure the safe return of his crew-mates. All three men were veterans of the Gemini program and together they were the most experienced Apollo crew yet to fly.
Apollo 10 - The NASA Mission Reports finally puts in one place FIVE of the most important documents from this final test flight, The Apollo10 Press Kit, The Apollo 10 Preflight Mission Operation Report, The Apollo10 Post Launch Mission Operation Report, The Apollo 10 Mission Operation Report Supplement and the Crew Technical Debriefing.
These five documents combine to show the care and planning which NASA's team applied to make sure that the next flight would succeed in finally fulfilling the impossible dream of putting a man on the moon.

“Highly recommended for space buffs . . . “ CHOICE
“What this text does well is to convey the sheer complexity of the spacecraft and its mission.” . . .Astronomy Now
“ . . . an excellent source of information for spaceflight enthusiasts.” . . . Astronomy Now

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