Tim McElyea

Author of: A Vision Of Future Space Transportation

Author of: Project Constellation Moon Mars & Beyond

Tim McElyea

Born in the Rocket City in the mid 1960's, Tim McElyea experienced the wonder of the space age first hand. In the 1960's Huntsville Alabama was a flurry of space activity with engine tests, a space museum, rocket parks, and ticker tape parades for astronauts. This early fascination has never stopped.

He earned an Art degree from University of Alabama in Huntsville and began to explore the computer as a new medium. Having exhibited his fine art prints, drawings, and sculpture for years nationwide, he was ready for a new canvas. Computer animation and multimedia proved to be a perfect venue. After working as the Director of Animation and Multimedia for Intergraph Corporation he decided to take the next step. In 1995 he founded Media Fusion, Inc. to be a studio where companies and organizations could come to for artful communication media.

Early on, Media Fusion set its sights on NASA. In 1997 it won a contract to create a multimedia CD for the X-34 space plane. This turned out to be the beginning of a rich relationship with NASA. Today Media Fusion provides Marshall Space Flight Center with multimedia, animation, and creative services. As the lead propulsion center for NASA, Marshall is at the leading edge of space transportation and Media Fusion creates the high profile imagery and media that NASA uses to communicate the future of space transportation.
Tim McElyea

Tim McElyea

Creative Director

Media Fusion Digital Media

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